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The Announcer/Tattler™
This device is a wireless transmitter that goes inside the door of the mailbox and a receiver that plugs into a 110 volt outlet in the house.  When the door of the mailbox is open, a momentary chime in the house is followed by a visual continuing green light to inform you that the mailbox has been opened, either by delivery, by an intruder.  Then the reset button should be pressed after you have picked up the mail.

It also signals if the mailbox has received an impact such as by a “mailbox baseball vandal.”  Transmitter range is a nominal 150 feet (45 meters).  The transmitter operates day or night, regardless of the weather.

This is an ideal gift for seniors who are anxious for mail and who don’t wish to make unnecessary trips to check whether mail has been delivered or picked up.  For Christmas or other special occasion or just to say “Thanks, we love you,” this fits most gift budgets.

An Announcer/Tattler™ plus a BatGrabber™ may allow you to call the sheriff quickly and to nab vandals on the road

Click Here for installation instructions.

The BatGrabber™
A plastic tube hides a row of sharp ring nails anchored to aluminum channels. Two fasteners anchor the channels to the mailbox (phillips screwdriver, pliers and drill needed to install). Upon direct impact with a wooden bat, the plastic tube deforms and the bat is grabbed out of the hand of the swinger. Will the vehicle return to claim the bat or to wipe off the finger prints? Farmer Brown can be at the mailbox to write down a license plate number while Mrs. Brown calls the sheriff, particularly if you have the Announcer/Tattler. CAUTION: The bat should be removed promptly the next morning lest it damage an oncoming vehicle; this is done by removing the attachment screws. U.S. Patent #6,983,876.
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All purchases come with A REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE if your mailbox has been hit within 5 years.  Send us a photo of your hit MailBoxer™ or a newspaper report of an arrest and we’ll send you a freebie.

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Announcer/Tattler™  @$30.00 (+ $6.20 S/H)
BatGrabber™   @$20.00 (+ $4.60 S/H)

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